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Vinyl PaintVinyl Paint - Suppling you with information on vinyl paint, spray paint, siding paint and exterior paint as well as help on how to paint a vinyl floor. Read about many ranges of different vinyl paints.

Sometimes people start vinyl siding painting by priming it first, but this is not recommend because vinyl expands and contracts too much, which will cause the paint to crack.

Vinyl Siding Paint

Paint your Vinyl Siding?
The whole purpose of vinyl and aluminum siding is to avoid painting, but it can be painted with any good quality exterior latex paint. If your vinyl is old and starting to fade then latex paint can be useful option, on the other hand you may have just moved house and have some vinyl siding with color you just can not stand. But, and this is an important but, vinyl should never be painted a dark, heat-absorbing color or it will tend to warp and sag when exposed to strong sunlight. Stick to white, gray, pale yellow or some other reflective hue.

Advice on Vinyl Siding Painting
Sometimes people paint vinyl siding by priming it first, but this is not recommend because vinyl expands and contracts too much, which will cause the paint to crack. Today's vinyl siding is much improved over what was made in years past so you are advised to replace it for the best looking, longest lasting results.

Aluminum siding, however, has a baked enamel finish so it can be sanded or scuffed up, then primed with a special etching primer developed just for this purpose. Then it can be painted with a premium acrylic house paint.

Vinyl Siding Paint, Aluminum and Vinyl Siding Paint

Aluminum & Vinyl Siding Paint
If you have ether old or worn aluminum and vinyl siding, this product pictured above provides excellent protection and durability.

True Value WeatherAll Aluminum & Vinyl Siding Paint features:

Excellent UV, fade and dirt resistance.
High acrylic levels assure chalk adhesion properties.
Low luster to match siding finish and reduce glare.
Mildew-resistant coating.
Outstanding durability.
25-year warranty.

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