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Suppling you with information on vinyl paint, spray paint, siding paint and exterior paint as well as help on how to paint a vinyl floor. Read about many ranges of different vinyl paints.

Vinyl paint

Welcome to, this site specialises in helping you and giving you some information on vinyl paint.

Vinyl Paint, Vallejo Vinyl Acrylic Paints

Vallejo Vinyl Acrylic Paints
A range of 220 paints, very highly pigmented, formulated for models and miniatures and ideal for decorating all miniatures. Model-Color is indicated for all surfaces, and especially formulated to adhere to plastics and polyesters. The colours brush on smoothly, and cover large surfaces easily and without showing brush strokes. The paints can be diluted with water for air brushing. The paint texture is ideal for tiny details on miniature work. All the shades dry to a matt finish except the metallic and transparent colours. If a glossy, lacquered finish is desired, add one or two thin coats of varnish.

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Vinyl Spray Paint
Hoover Fence - Vinyl spray paints, bright galv paint, upside down marking paint, vinyl fence, wood fence, chain link fence, fence tools.
Paint and Supplies - Vinyl spray paints,find spray paint in the paint department at Aubuchon Hardware, rustoleum vinyl spray, all purpose spray paint.
Bizrate - Vinyl spray paint, vinyl in automotive care, compare prices and online stores, Plastikote vinyl color black 12 oz. can, white 12 oz. can and much more.
AMD - Modifying your computer painting, cutting, and lighting, most modders use plastic-specific spray paints, such as vinyl color or vinyl dye.
Custom Finishes - Carpet dye, auto carpet dye, vinyl spray paint, touch up paints, camouflage paints, color matching.

Vinyl Siding Paint
Natural Handy Man - Vinyl siding and shutters questions from the Natural Handyman home repair and do it yourself website.
True Value Paint - Vinyl siding paint, color made simple, interior paint, exterior paint, stain and varnish, special offers.
Home Envy - Painting vinyl siding, expert advice from Steve Maxwell, fix it, decorate it, install it, grow it, build it, research it.
Bizrate - Vinyl paint and wall covering supplies, compare prices and online stores, warner vinyl smoothing brush, phenoseal vinyl adhesive caulk.

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Vinyl Spray PaintSpray Paint - Vinyl spray paint and auto carpet dyes are made to enhance and restore faded, worn, or stained surfaces. This is a solvent based, elastomeric formula that has excellent adhesion and flexibility that resist cracking and resist moisture and fading.

Vinyl Siding PaintSiding Paint - Sometimes people start vinyl siding painting by priming it first, but this is not recommend because vinyl expands and contracts too much, which will cause the paint to crack.

Exterior Vinyl PaintExterior Paint - Exterior vinyl painting using the products show on this page will be easy going. All these paints are tried and tested and can be found at external sites all just a click away.

Vinyl House PaintHouse Paint - Be sure you pick the right vinyl house paint for the surface you're covering. Most water-based exterior paints can be used on wood and hardboard siding and trim. They're also fine for vinyl and aluminum siding, and most masonry.

Liquid Vinyl PaintLiquid Paint - Ever Cote claim that there is only one liquid vinyl paint and they have it. G Sherri says spray on liquid vinyl paint keeps your home looking beautiful and is guaranteed to last for 30 years. Find out more your self right here on this page.

Vinyl Top PaintTop Paint - The black vinyl top base paint from Testors can be bought and delivered from Tower Hobbies. This black & white vinyl top paint is part one of a two part system.

How to Paint a Vinyl FloorHow to Paint a Vinyl Floor - Firstly on how to paint a vinyl floor, is preparing the surface: Vinyl has a very slick surface, making it difficult for paint to adhere to unless it is prepared properly. Check with your paint store and see if there is a chemical wash that will break the seal.

Manufacturers of Liquid Vinyl PaintsLiquid Paint Manufacturers - Testor's manufacturers of liquid vinyl paints also do as well as the model master - black vinyl top (basecoat) 3 Oz, the black vinyl top (texture coat) 3 Oz.

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Rust-oleum - Vinyl paint, Rust-oleum brands - stopping rust is just the start, painting vinyl with vinyl restores color on vinyl and fabrics.

Perfect Fit - Vinyl paint, SEM color coat, aerosol cans for vinyl and plastics, paint and prep materials, SEM colorcoat quart cans .

Dick Blick - Lefranc & Bourgeois flashe vinyl paint - blick art materials, colors - armor green, bayeux violet, black, brilliant orange permanent, brueghel red and many more.

Bizrate - Vinyl paint & wall covering supplies at BizRate - compare prices and online stores.

Parasol Inc - Vinyl dye, body filler, vinyl paint, car wax, fiberglass repair by parasol Inc.

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